Got Health Insurance

How important is Health Insurance today? Every individual should seek and purchase some form of PPO, HMO, and Indemnity health insurance plan for numerous reasons. A Doctor may find and diagnosis you with a life threatening health condition which may cause a financial loss and stress to your family. Here are some basic differences between having a PPO plan vs. HMO plan.A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans give you the freedom to visit any licensed provider. You don’t need to choose a primary care physician (PCP) and you don’t need a referral to see a specialist. A PPO health insurance plan contains both in-network and out-of-network benefits for your convenience.A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is a group of doctors who offer care through the HMO for a co payment. A Primary Care doctor must be selected by you to handle your referrals to see a Specialist doctor or other medical care. A HMO plan primarily has in-network benefits only.Health insurance plans consider Emergency services such as poisoning, chest pains, broken bones, uncontrolled bleeding, loss of consciousness or sudden paralysis.Why should you have a Health insurance plan?First, Being the head of the household and the moneymaker may be the only source of income for the family.Second, reaching a elderly age increases the risk of being diagnosis with some type of heart disease,cancer, and depression.Last, a annual complete physical exam or well woman is recommended by the medical  healthily living.A routine well woman exam may result in abnormal lab readings. A form of cancer is now the discussion between you and your specialist doctor. It is important to have the proper medical benefit plan or network of doctors to provide you with the proper professional care and treatment.Searching for a good doctor or medical facility may be stressful if not properly covered under some form of health insurance plan. There are doctors and hospitals who demand some form of payment upfront before medical service or treatment is given to the patient. Therefore, selecting a Primary Care Physician who understands your health care needs may prove important in your life. It will be more comforting for you and your family members that you have some form of health insurance plan  your medical costs. We are living human beings who are vulnerable to germs and diseases found in this world. A annual doctor check up with a solid health insurance plan will increase your chances of living longer for your family.Silverio Vasquez Agent El Mirage AZ,


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